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Thalassemia specialty care centers in the Western United States

Thalassemia specialty care centers in the Western United States

The objectives of this project are to (a) develop a survey to distribute to the Thalassemia Western Consortium (TWC) to assess current transfusion practices and conduct a needs assessment of these centers (b) develop standards of care (SOC) clinical guidelines for transfusion in thalassemia based on all available evidence and input from the partners on this grant, and (c) disseminate the guidelines within the TWC.

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital has distributed the Survey to the TWC members. Following this, the survey will be piloted for data collection on transfusions in thalassemia at the TWC sites in California and adjacent states. All sites will then participate in the second TWC regional meeting to be held in Los Angeles in November 2016. This project’s outcomes and strategies will be reviewed, with particular reference to obstacles in collection of transfusion data for patients with thalassemia.

Center NameCity
Alliance for Childhood Diseases/Children's Specialty Center of Nevada Las Vegas, NV
CIBD (Center for Inherited Blood Disorders) Orange, CA
Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford Palo Alto, CA
Oregon Health and Sciences University Portland, OR
Phoenix Children's Hospital Phoenix, AZ
Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego, CA
Stanford University Medical Center Stanford, CA
UC Davis Medical Center Sacramento, CA
UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland Oakland, CA
UCSF Medical Center San Francisco, CA
University of Washington Seattle, WA
Valley Children's Hospital Madera, CA


Alliance for Childhood Diseases

Children's Specialty Center of Nevada
Las Vegas, NV

Physician: Nurse Practitioner:
Dr. Alan Ikeda
Alan Ikeda, MD
Jordan Lipio
Jordan Lipio

Center for Inherited Blood Disorders (CIBD)

1010 W. La Veta Avenue, Suite 670
Orange, CA 92868
Physicians: Diane J. Nugent, MD; Susan Claster, MD
Nurse Practitioner: Khanh Pham, RN, BSN
Clinic telephone: (714) 221-1200
CIBD’s mission is to deliver the highest quality comprehensive healthcare to individuals of all ages with complex and chronic inherited blood disorders so that they can achieve longer, healthier and more productive lives.

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

Bass Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders
725 Welch Road, Suite 150
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Physicians: Bertil Glader, MD, PhD; Michael Jeng, MD; Clara Lo, MD; Jennifer Andrews, MD; Anu Narla, MD
Nurse Practitioners: Judie Lea, PNP; Nancy Lea, PNP; Kirsten Mouradian, FNP
Clinic Telephone: (650) 497-8953

Oregon Health and Sciences University

Portland, OR

Physician: Nurse Practitioner: Social Worker:
Trisha Wong
Trisha Wong, MD
Jolene Taylor
Jolene Taylor
Cheslea Kaye
Cheslea Kaye, MSW

Phoenix Children's Hospital

Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
1919 E. Thomas Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Physicians: Sanjay Shah, MD; Esteban Gomez, MD
Nurse Practitioners: Kristen Way; Brooke Cook, NP; Kelli Tucker, NP
We are the largest thalassemia center in state of Arizona. We provide comprehensive care and counseling for full spectrum of thalassemia syndromes. We are able to do same day transfusions at our main campus as well as satellite clinics. We have dedicated physicians taking care of thalassemia with focused expertize in management of thalassemia and iron overload. We have our adult transition program at the same location.

Rady Children's Hospital

Peckham Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders
Acute Care Pavilion, 2nd Floor
3010 Children’s Way, San Diego, CA 92123
Clinic Telephone: (858) 966-6709 (case manager, Elizabeth Shehee; this is her direct line)
Nurse Practitioner: Kate Keese, NP

Dr. Jenny Kim Courtney Thornburg, MD Dr. Jennifer Yu Dr. William Roberts
Jenny Kim, MD;     Courtney Thornburg, MD;             Jennifer Yu, MD;           William Roberts, MD;
Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego’s Comprehensive Thalassemia Center is dedicated to treating children with thalassemia. Our comprehensive team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, nursing case managers, geneticists, dieticians, and child life specialists who work together to ensure that our patients are well cared for in all aspects of their lives, and our center has state of the art software technology (T2* MRI) to safety monitor iron levels.

Stanford University Medical Center

Division of Hematology/Oncology
1000 Welch Road, Stanford, CA 94304
Nurse Practitioner: Betsy Threadgill

Dr. Michael Jeng Jennifer Andrews, MD
Michael Jeng, MD;               Jennifer Andrews, MD;  

UC Davis Medical Center

2279 45th Street
Sacramento, CA 95817
Physicians: Jo Chung, MD
Nurse Practitioners: Michelle Adams, RN
Clinic Telephone: (916) 734-5959

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland

747 52nd St.
Oakland, CA 94609
Clinic Telephone: (510) 428-3372
Nurse Practitioner: Shannon Gaine, PNP

Ashutosh Lal - Oakland
Ash Lal, MD
Elliott Vichinsky, MD - Oakland
Elliott Vichinsky, MD

UCSF Medical Center

San Francisco, CA

Dr. Craig Forester
Craig Forester, MD

University of Washington

Seattle, WA
Nurse Practitioner: Amanda Weatherford
Physicians: Sioban Keel, MD

Valley Children's Hospital

Thalassemia Program
9300 Valley Children’s Place
Madera, CA 93636
Physicians: Latha Rao, MD; Thal Coordinator Vinod Balasa, MD Hem/Onc Director
Nurse Practitioners: Terea Giannetta, DNP, CPNP, FAANP
Clinic Telephone: (559) 353-5460

Revised 9/21/2018

Northern California Comprehensive Thalassemia Center
UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland
747 52nd Street, Oakland CA 94609   •   Phone: (510) 428-3347   •   Fax: (510) 450-5647
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