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Volunteer and Intern Program

Volunteer & Intern program

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Welcome to Maggie and Clara
Volunteers from Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa

January 2013

Maggie Leinen
Maggie Leinen
My name is Maggie Leinen, and I am currently a senior at Cardinal Newman High School. My friend, Clara Knapp, and I are working on a senior service project called Project Thal. My goal is to raise awareness of thalassemia and educate our community. I also hope to raise money for research on thalassemia.

I came across thalassemia while looking for a subject for my project and found it fascinating. There is a lot for me to learn about thalassemia, and I love finding new information about it. Apart from doing schoolwork and my thalassemia project, I spend most of my time swimming for the Santa Rosa Neptunes or playing water polo for my school team.

Clara Knapp
Clara Knapp
My name is Clara Knapp and, like my friend, Maggie Leinen, I am a senior at Cardinal Newman High School. In my free time, I work as a hostess and sing for my church youth group, in addition to currently participating in the school play.

For my senior service project, I will be working as a volunteer with Laurice Levine and Children's Hospital Oakland to raise awareness of thalassemia within my Santa Rosa community. I have a lot to learn about both the medical side of thalassemia and the psychological side, as well. I hope to learn more about how patients with chronic illness feel it affects them and observe how treating their illnesses ultimately contributes to who they are as people. I enjoy serving the community and am excited to volunteer and get to know the patients I will be working with personally.

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