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Clinical Trials and Research

Clinical trials and research
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  1. TCRN
  2. Closed Studies
  3. Open Studies
  4. SQUID Update
  5. DXA Update
  6. Upcoming Studies
  7. Published articles
▶ 2012 Research Update (pdf)

Thalassemia Research and Care

Dear patients, families, friends, and providers:

doctor Along with patient care, medical research is a primary focus at the Comprehensive Thalassemia Center at Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland (CHRCO). This special edition of the Perspectives newsletter focuses on research studies being conducted for thalassemia. This is the fourth Research and Care Update, and we hope that this issue will be a useful tool in keeping patients, families and the extended medical community abreast of current research, as well as in educating the community on thalassemia itself. Patients—-all of the studies mentioned here are optional. If you are interested in participating in a study or have questions, please talk to your medical care provider.

Please click here or in the left menu to download a PDF file of all the studies, or here for the online list.

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