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2015-2016 Thalassemia Outreach Intern Team1 Sign up for our newsletter2 New multidisciplinary center for Alpha Thalassemia Major4 Twin girls from China reunited at our thalassemia center5 Slides: Seattle thalassemia patient and family conference6 My Experience iwth Gene Therapy7 How you can help8 Visit our Facebook page9 Focus on Alpha Thalassemia, by Ash Lal MD10 Painted Turtle Camp July 17-2211 Thalassemia Fact Sheet12 Thalassemia: The Passion to Help Others13 14 Thank you, Italian Catholic Federation (ICF)!14 15 slideshow jquery by WOWSlider.com v8.2

Living with Thalassemia

Living with Thalassemia: Resources & Support
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Resources and Support

Relevant Links

The following websites may be of interest to patients and families living with thalassemia. Some are medically informative, while others have a more social aspect.

  1. Thalassemia Patients and Friends: www.thalassemiapatientsandfriends.com
  2. Thalassemia/Family Village: www.familyvillage.wisc.edu/Lib_thal.htm
  3. Children’s Hospital Oakland Thalassemia Website: www.thalassemia.com
  4. Cooley’s Anemia Foundation: www.cooleysanemia.org
  5. Thalassemia International Federation: www.thalassaemia.org.cy
  6. Thalassemia Support Foundation: www.helpthals.org
  7. The National Marrow Donor Program: www.marrow.org
  8. The National Stem Cell Foundation is a non-profit that funds clinical trials and research, currently focusing on treatments for rare blood disorders. They are currently funding trials for the treatment of rare blood disorders at Duke University: www.nationalstemcellfoundation.org which features information about thalassemia and many other diseases that can be potentially treated with stem cells.
  9. Children with Diabetes: www.childrenwithdiabetes.com
  10. Isabela's Journey: Her Battle with the Blood Disorder, Thalassemia Major: a new book by Serafina Sammarco. http://www.isabellasjourney.ca/
  11. E-Learing modules about thalassemia by Laurice Levine for the Charlotte AHEC (Area Health Education Center): https://www.charlotteahec.org/continuing_education/registration/workshop.cfm?EventID=37585
  12. MEENA Health Welfare Organization: advocating for children with thalassemia in Afghanistan: MeenaWelfare.org
  13. Cord Blood Banking: Viacord.

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